While studying and even after completing school, students are often, puzzled with their career choices and options. There is a lack of information access. This kind of problems are common amongst the students from urban areas and let alone the rural students. Even after graduation, the struggle for getting job is a prevalent and graduates frequently have hard times adding up skills that could fetch them job. Besides, students are baffled with career decision either to go for job or higher studies. Inline with our vision of  creating resourceful individuals in rural areas, we believe access to update information of various career paths, options for higher education, scholarships and funding options are crucial. The career center will consolidate all the known information of career paths through desktop survey,  conducting seminar through career-, higher education- and  industrial experts. In addition, the European countries such as Germany, Denmark has a strong rural economic infrastructures. Therefore, through these center we set to provide career counselling as well as promotion of exchange between Europe and India, Tamil Nadu in Education and de-centralisation.

Target Group : Education and  Career Europe (age 14 years—40 years old)